Paid Search Management

One of the best ways to direct traffic to your website and increase your sales is through paid search management, also known as pay per click. With this type of search engine marketing you obtain the best return on your investment as you receive front page exposure with relevant keywords and pay only when a potential customer clicks your advertisement.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN provide effective paid service management services allowing you to rank in top tier placement for any keyword you wish to target. Paid search marketing are shown as featured results, usually at the top of the front page. This front page featured advertisement space is initially posted free of charge, hence, you only pay when someone actually clicks the paid ad link to your website, or “pay per click”. As your advertisement is seem by potentially millions of viewers without any upfront charges, the value of branding, by integrating your company name or slogan into an ad, is tremendous.

Keyword Research and Set Up

Our approach to paid search management as an effective search engine marketing technique begins with research of your industry and keywords. By knowing the industry, your competition, and your target customer we can devise a strategic keyword list that appear most in searches

We then recommend which search engine marketing program best meets your customer and sales objectives. We help you develop ad copy that attracts potential customers and helps eliminate non-converting clicks. We also help you determine to which landing page will drive your paid clicks, with a focus on ROI. Do you want your customers to land on your front or home page? Or, depending on the keyword, do you want to direct pay per click traffic to a specific page for a particular product or service?

Your budget is also important when setting up a paid search management program. We work with you to ensure that the budget you set is used to its maximum potential. Some keywords are expensive than others and are attached with a lot of competition. We help you choose the best keywords to bid for a click campaign and set up the best strategies with search engine marketing programs.

Monitoring and Reporting

To help guarantee success of a paid search management campaign you need constant monitoring of results. Without good testing and monitoring you may be wasting your money on ineffective ads and wrong keywords that attract non-paying visitors.

With proper monitoring and analysis you can:

  • Discover how many keyword ads are converting into clicks to your website
  • Re-target your keywords to better attract paying customers
  • Improve your ROI by focusing on the most effective keywords, adjusting ad copy, and campaign strategy

There are many factors that can affect a paid search management campaign. With our effective analysis and monitoring of your pay per clicks you will have our reports and recommendations for changes and improvements.

To help your SEO, and improve sales, a paid search management campaign may be the most cost-effective way to go. Contact us today and let us be your paid search management specialist!